Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs made his first open locker room appearance since his season-ending ACL tear.

Where Is Trevon Diggs’ Mindset?

In September, the veteran cornerback tore his ACL during practice, which was a devastating blow for him, his teammates, and coaches. But the 25-year-old firmly believes in the old saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”

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“There’s a reason it happened. So I can’t be mad at it. I just gotta roll with the punches and just get back,” Diggs said.

He had surgery to repair the ACL tear last week and is still in the beginning phases of the recovery process. But overall, he is confident in a return next year because of the medical technology that will help him return to the field.

Diggs was open in saying how challenging the process was for him with the injury, but now he is used to the reality of the situation. Part of that came from him establishing a new routine and creating structure.

The corner described the feeling after discovering his season was over but said he had to bring light to the situation.

Something that brought him this light has been seeing his team rally around him as he goes through this process, noting, “You need that support, especially with an injury like this. You need the support; you need your brothers there for you every day, or it can get really lonely.”

Diggs said his teammates have helped him keep his spirits up as he has gone through the injury process.

How Diggs Continues To Improve His Game Post-Surgery 

Diggs said he stays engaged in the game by watching football all week. He said now that he has the chance to sit and watch other teams, he is taking time to learn everything he can.

“Looking at it from an outside lens, it’s just different. You got a different view of the game, and I’m just enjoying it and taking it day by day,” Diggs said.

But, the veteran corner has taken up new hobbies as well. One of his new hobbies includes reading, and he is working on finishing his first of many to come.

Diggs Still Being a Locker Room Leader

Diggs spent the week in meetings with the team as they prepared for their division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles.

When asked if he would make the trip, he laughed and said, “Nah, [it’s] too cold.”

The corner said he has talked to his teammates before games, well before this week, saying, “It’s about staying close and helping them out” as much as he can.

But he praised the cornerback room and its work in his absence. 

Of course, part of that praise was for DaRon Bland, who has three pick-sixes so far this season, the most in a season in the Cowboys franchise’s history.

“It’s amazing just to see what he’s capable of. I’ve been watching him ever since he came in. He’s always been one heck of a player. Just excited to see him display it. He’s playing like one of the best players right now. I’m excited for him and truly happy for him,” Diggs said.

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