The NFL will have some additional holiday cheer, courtesy of Super Bowl-winning brothers Jason and Travis Kelce.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs star brothers are putting the pads to the side and exercising their vocal cords during this time of year.

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Details Emerge on Jason and Travis Kelce’s Christmas Song

The famed brothers, who also host the immensely popular “New Heights” podcast, got the chance to sing for charity.

Jason and Travis recorded a Christmas duet together called “Fairytale of Philadelphia.” The song is a remake of the 1980 X-Mas tune song by The Pogues.

Turns out, Jason Kelce had an idea on how to make the song work — by recruiting his younger brother.

“I think this would do really well if it was actually you and Travis,” Jason Kelce says, introducing the making of the song.

Kelce is even writing down the lyrics to the tune. But included was this add-in lyric by Jason: “You’re awesome, I’m s—-y.”

The line drew laughter in the room. Ultimately, Jason Kelce made a call to his renowned brother to create some Christmas magic.

Idea of ‘Fairytale of Philadelphia’ the Kelce Version

The idea the All-Pro center had in mind?

“It’s like two people fighting, but they really love each other,” Jason Kelce is overheard saying on his cell phone. “It kind of works really good for our relationship.”

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Travis Kelce eventually agreed to hop on the song.

“Glad you’re game, it’ll be fun,” Jason Kelce said.

Jason dove further into the idea of the theme, saying, “I think it could be a look at the relationship of two brothers and how much you’re wrapped up in your family’s lives and how much that affects where you end up in life.”

It sounds like a sad song. However, the older Kelce denies this holiday song comes with a melancholy tune.

“I think it’s a realistic approach,” Jason said.

The making of the holiday song can be watched below.

It’s not the first time Jason has used his vocal cords outside of calling out lineman signals and cadences. He joined Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata in creating “A Philly Special Christmas.”

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