Eagles players deal with the headache of a Super Bowl appearance

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Quinn is chilling now with music coming from a Bluetooth speaker who just put his phone away as there has been a wavy stream of ticket requests with near and dear ones lobbying for a position in State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, next Sunday. Stay with us to learn such headache management tactics in the Eagles team.

Surely you are also looking for a ticket window to go to the pitch by appearing physically to watch the game as the whistle blows to start to play in Super Bowl LVII on February 12 in Arizona. A frenzy is going on with the purchase of tickets, causing a headache for the players. 

Excitement is up for the Super Bowl this year, with many people from America. The final Super Bowl LVII game will be seized in Arizona between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs after winning their respective conference title games on January 29, 2023. They will face off next month in the NFL’s Super Bowl on Sunday, 12 February 2023.

Players from both teams are going through stress with ticket management for their family members and near and dear ones. The stress management techniques of the sportsman are different from each other. Many of them deal with it with one word, like just putting their cell phone away. 

Now it’s time to share how Philadelphia Eagles players serve out the headache of a Super Bowl appearance. Let’s know the tactics they are following now. 

A brief on Super Bowl tickets, at a glance:

The NFL authority provides two free tickets to every player in the Super Bowl. Depending on the seat’s location, they can purchase an additional 13 at face value. After buying 15 tickets provided by the league at $1000 as reserved by face value, they go on the secondary market. But after crossing the lucky 15 number, tickets are way too expensive. The new cost becomes $6000 or above.

Some headache management tactics in Eagles players in Super Bowl appearances are shown here: 

  • Super defensive end Robert Quinn was sitting at his locker in the cafeteria inside the NovaCare Complex, looking very relaxed. Because Quinn’s wife, Christina, has helped field the persistent requests so that Quinn gets some blank space to prepare for the Kanas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.
  • Defensive tackle Javon Hargrave, a Pro defensive lineman making his Super Bowl dawn, revealed the pod of his strategies. Very close people like his mom, dad, and two best friends can appear physically on the game spot. He said everybody couldn’t cost that much and they should enjoy this match on TV; peacefully, he is tackling the traffic condition.
  • Then, Patrick Johnson is more easygoing in handling his headache; only his true inner circle will be in Arizona. He directly told the ticket prices who knocked him, some turned away, and some told him they had time to think about it.
  • Darius Slay, a cornerback specialist, much curious about his children and feels having his children in the game zone means everything to him. His wife, Jennifer, has been busy handling ticket requests and preparing the children. That’s why Johnson is getting much space to prepare himself about how to thwart Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to face the Chiefs stuff. 
  • Wide receiver A.J. Brown’s mindset was family-oriented and he wanted his kids to spot him when performing the game. Even though his children are trying to make sense of the game, interestingly, they just want to see dad.

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