The race to the final four — for the final time — has begun with the release of the initial College Football Playoff Rankings. How does the College Football Playoff Selection Committee view the 25 best teams in the nation ahead of Week 10 of the 2023 college football season?

College Football Playoff Rankings

1) Ohio State Buckeyes

2) Georgia Bulldogs

3) Michigan Wolverines

4) Florida State Seminoles

5) Washington Huskies

6) Oregon Ducks

7) Texas Longhorns

8) Alabama Crimson Tide

9) Oklahoma Sooners

10) Ole Miss Rebels

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11) Penn State
12) Missouri
13) Louisville
14) LSU
15) Notre Dame
16) Oregon State 
17) Tennessee 
18) Utah
19) UCLA
20) USC
21) Kansas 
22) Oklahoma State 
23) Kansas State 
24) Tulane 
25) Air Force 


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