Cincinnati Bengals successfully retain their 10th win in a row

The Bengals team remains unbeatable in their 10th match, and they will face the Kansas City Chefs in the AFC championship match. The Cincinnati Bengals dominate the tournament; they have just won a great win against the Buffalo Bills at a big margin of 27-10 in the NFL divisional round.

The popular Bengal quarterback, Joe Barrow, managed to cover a distance of 242 yards with two touchdowns, while the running back, Joe Mixon, covered 105 yards with one touchdown, leading their team to win a stunning victory.

Reportedly, there was another high voltage match on Sunday between the San Fransisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, where the 49ers got a handsome score on the scoreboard and won the match against the Cowboys by a margin of 19-12.

Brock Purdy, the unflappable rookie quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, remained unstoppable in the match, with an insane coverage of 214 yards and an awestruck defense. Sports critics even say the rookie played clear, sharp, and mistake-free ball during the match.

As per the latest fixture, the Philadelphia Eagles will face the San Francisco 49ers, and Cincinnati will play against the Chiefs on January 29, 2023. Winners from each match will confirm their place at the prestigious Super Bowl tournament that will be live on February 12.

Are the Bengals a potential Winner of the super Bowl title?

The Cincinnati Bengals have given their best in each of the ten matches; they are one of the tournament’s toughest competitors and have super high stats, standards, and chances to win the Super Bowl title. However, this competitive team has yet to have records of winning the tournament title. 

Back in the 2021 season of the tournament, the Bengals got the victory on their first playoff after a long wait of 31 years and made it to the Super Bowl LVI, but unfortunately, they were beaten by the strong opponent, Los Angeles Rams.

While for the Kansas City Chiefs, it will be their fifth AFC championship match. Earlier, the team won against the Jacksonville Jaguars by 27-20. However, their win was not easy and had several nail-biting moments for the fans, especially when their powerful quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, suffered a severe ankle injury during the second quarter.

Later, Mahomes returned to the field and made 22 successful passes out of his 30, covering 195 yards and two touchdowns, and with these shining statistics, he led his team to win.

The latest playoff schedule: Save the dates 

As per sources, the match between the San Fransisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles begins at 3 pm on January 29, Sunday; the game will be live on the popular news channel Fox.

While another big game, Cincinnati Bengals VS Kansas City Chiefs, will be live at 6.30 pm on the same day, the sports channel CBS will broadcast the match. As per the format, the best seven teams from AFC and NFC will head to the tournament’s next round.

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