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While Alek Manoah had a disappointing 2023 season, he is ready to rebound and bounce back and put 2023 behind him. It is never easy to build up confidence once you have had a season like Manoah had in 2023. What was anticipated to be a strong season for him turned out to be a downfall. But Manoah has been working hard to build back his confidence. Manoah is ready to give it his all. He will join teammates Chris Bassitt, José Berríos, Yusei Kikuchi, Kevin Gausman in the Blue Jays starting rotation.

Alek Manoah Is Set to Bounce Back

Health Is Wealth

One prominent way that Manoah has gotten ready for the 2024 season has been working out consistently. Manoah has made it his focus similar to teammates Alejandro Kirk and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in the offseason to trim down. There’s no better way to rebound from adversity then to take the time to focus on your body to improve your game.

Images circulated on social media of the time that Manoah spent during the offseason working hard to make changes to improve his game. The Cy Young finalist back in 2022 never expected to have the season he did in 2023. While it was hard to watch Manoah crumble under pressure, at the same time everyone knows how young he is and what he is capable of. It will be nerve racking to watch Manoah step back on the mound in 2024 but at the same time it will be exciting to see if he can pickup where he left off in 2022.

Here Comes The Puma

According to an article from the Toronto Star, Manoah is ready to be the “Blue Jays Bulldog” once again. Manoah has inevitably meditated on his errors in the 2023 sesason. If Manoah can rebound from his 2023 season it will certainly be a story that will make headlines in sports news. When a player is able to bounce back from adversity it says a lot about them. Manoah will have to work really hard to prove himself.

But while trimming down was a great way to boost his confidence, his mindset will also be crucial in 2024. After a shocking 2023 season for him, Manoah without question dealt with sports anxiety, doubts, and fears. Manoah continued to push through in the 2023 season. While he pitched well when he faced the Detroit Tigers after being sent down, it was not enough for him to remain in the starting rotation. His return caused some controversy as many believed he was not ready. His return showcased that he needed to take more time to work on his pitching mechanics. As well, that one shouldn’t be ashamed with being sent down.

Redemption Tour

“Sometimes you get punched in the mouth and you start to second guess yourself.” Manoah said exactly that when he reflected on his struggles last season.

Accepting defeat, adversity and tough losses is never easy for a baseball player. But Manoah has turned the other cheek with his head held high. Ready to rebound and pounce like a puma, Manoah’s outlook for 2024 looks quite positive. He is equipped to show MLB and fans that he is ready to come out strong in 2024. If Manoah is successful with having a productive 2024 season, the Blue Jays will have a killer starting rotation. The 2024 baseball season is just around the corner. It is going to be a thrilling season to watch with a similar yet different 2024 roster for the Blue Jays.

Photo Credit: © Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

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