Ainias Smith enters his fifth season with the Texas A&M Aggies this season. The graduate lost most of his senior season to injury and returned to the team for a fifth go-around. Does the Aggies’ WR/RB have the profile to be worthy of an NFL Draft pick? What does his scouting report look like?

Ainias Smith Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • School: Texas A&M
  • Current Year: Senior

Smith entered the college football landscape as a three-star prospect. He was coming off a senior season named the Houston area Offensive Player of the Year. He posted 481 rushing yards and 718 receiving yards, scoring 10 TDs in each venture.

He got on the field as a freshman by flashing on special teams. He averaged 11.9 yards per punt return that season, but he also caught 22 passes for 248 yards and three TDs.

As a sophomore, Smith split time between wide receiver and running back, proving his worth as a versatile offensive weapon for the Aggies. He rushed for 293 yards, 564 receiving yards, and scored 10 total TDs.

He was back to a slot role as a junior, and while he caught more passes, his receiving yards dipped, and he wasn’t as involved in the offense. An unfortunate injury cut short his 2022 season.

As a senior, Smith has emerged as the team’s second-leading receiver, behind only Evan Stewart, a talent who will likely end up being a future first-round pick.

Ainias Smith Scouting Report


  • A coach’s dream (does ALL the dirty work)
  • Willing run blocker against LARGE humans
  • Experience at both WR and RB
  • Very willing pass protector
  • Wind-up doll energy never quits
  • Easy bend at full chap to delete angles
  • Shifty route runner
  • Special teams upside as a returner
  • Teams top target in 2020 and 2021 at WR


  • Inconsistent finisher
  • Natural route running ability exists, but consistency and detail lacks
  • Small catch radius
  • Quicker than fast
  • Lackluster power profile

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Smith is a very fun college football player, but fun is usually a derogatory term in the world of NFL Draft scouting. Although he suffered a season-ending injury in 2022, a fracture usually heals much better than ligament damage.

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“He’s a unique player, a unique competitor, and I love him to death,” Jimbo Fisher told reporters after the injury.

And that’s really where Smith sets himself apart. His undying selflessness on the field was immediately noticeable when turning on the tape. Coaches line up on the sidewalk to have someone like that on their football team. Fisher will undoubtedly be happy to forward that information to NFL staff members who reach out for comment on the player.

It’s clear now that Smith is a wide receiver who can, occasionally, garner touches out of the backfield. He’s doing a bit more within the A&M offense now. His creativity after the catch has been apparent in his fifth season, and he’s finally receiving the targets to get a good feel for what his utilization might look like at the next level.

Things become further complicated because although he shows good vision as a runner when returning punts, he doesn’t have the break-neck speed teams search for in those roles.

Despite his shortcomings, you want him on your danged football team.

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