It has been a tough start to the season for Sean Payton and his Denver Broncos. With the 1-5 start and continued transgressions throughout the first month and a half, it comes with the territory that the rumor mill would get going.

The latest talk around the Broncos is that they may be looking to make a change at defensive coordinator as they do anything they can to get back to winning football games. With that rumor out in the open, some have speculated who would fill the vacant spot in the hypothetical change.

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Adam Schefter Speaks on Rex Ryan to Broncos Rumors

Adam Schefter joined Pat McAfee and the crew on the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, and like he always does, McAfee got straight to it and asked Schefter directly if there was anything to the idea that Ryan may be joining Payton’s staff in Denver.

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While the answer to a change in the future is possible, the idea of Ryan joining them is not so much.

“I don’t think they are doing anything now, but I think at the end of the season, anything is possible,” Schefter stated when asked about the Broncos making a change. When McAfee pushed further on the idea of that spot being filled by Ryan, Schefter was far more definitive in his answer.

“Oh, no. In fact, no, Rex is not going to Denver right now; that’s not happening. You know who my sources is there on that? Rex,” Schefter continued. “We were talking about it yesterday while we were watching the games. He’s not going to Denver right now.”

Well, the idea of it was fun, but what is even more amusing is the fact that the insider was able to shut it down directly from the source to stop the rumor before it really got off the ground.

What’s Next for the Broncos?

Things do not get any easier for the Broncos. Their next three games are against the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Buffalo Bills — a daunting schedule for anyone, never mind a free-falling team that is looking 1-8 dead in the eye.

Certainly not what Payton thought he was signing up for when he decided to join the Broncos this offseason. The only silver lining is that they are in play for the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s draft, and they may be able to secure their quarterback of the future.

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