Sometimes, the world we live in, where everybody has a camera and access to social media within seconds, is actually a good thing. Such is the case for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and his hilarious viral moment from last season.

How did one of the most buttoned-up QBs in the NFL have one of the funniest changes in public image overnight? Let’s take a closer look at Cousins and the famous team plane video from last season.

Kirk Cousins’ Viral Moment

The team plane after a big win in the NFL can feel like a club atmosphere at times. While most of the time, the general public doesn’t get a chance to see what goes on there, in the case of Cousins and Christian Darrisaw’s chain, the whole world got to see it.

From there, the “Big Kirko” alter ego took on a life of its own.

Part of the reason why the viral moment was so well received was due to the fact the Vikings were playing really well, and Cousins was a huge part of that. The other was due to the fact that Cousins is known for being reserved and quiet in his approach, making this moment a truly out-of-left-field thing for the QB.

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While the moment spurred from good fun between teammates, much like the internet and the media in the current day do with everything else, it became a big deal and something that will have Cousins living in internet glory for the remainder of time.

2023 Has Been Less Fun for Cousins and the Vikings

Much like Cousins before the chain and after the chain, the 2022 season to the 2023 season feels much like a night-and-day situation. After finishing last season 13-4 and being the second seed in the NFC playoffs, the Vikings find themselves in a completely different position in 2023.

They are currently 2-4 and are fighting to crawl back into contention within the NFC playoff picture despite dealing with injuries to stars and overall poor play over the first month and a half of the season.

A win against a very good San Francisco 49ers team on Monday Night Football would go a long way in changing the feelings around the team, but it is a tall task, and it would take a full team effort to do so, especially with how they have looked at times this year.

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