Brock Purdy, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, took what looked like a concerning hit in a matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals six days after suffering from a concussion.

After the hit, Purdy was not checked for a concussion, which HC Kyle Shanahan acknowledged on Monday.

Brock Purdy “Totally Fine” After Hard Hit Sunday

After a play where the back of Purdy’s head hit the ground hard, many were left wondering how he wasn’t checked for a concussion, especially after suffering one last week.

The signal-caller entered the concussion protocol last Tuesday after he complained of symptoms on a plane ride late Monday night. He was out of the concussion protocol Saturday, which made it the shortest stint in the protocol this year.

Had Purdy suffered another concussion, it would have been problematic for the league. But after the hit, he was not evaluated at all. Shanahan assured the media Monday that Purdy is “totally fine.”

“There was a scare when you see the tape — or when I saw the tape,” Shanahan said. “But just talking to him after the game and talking to him today, he has been totally fine.”

Tending to his coaching duties, Shanahan said he did not see the hit when it happened.

“I don’t get the TV copy in the game, so I don’t see how they hit from where I’m at, so we don’t see that at all,” Shanahan said. “But I’m always assuming that there’s people spotting that stuff and spot checkers and that everyone’s going to do that when they see it. So that’s not something that I’m looking for during the game. I’m usually watching defense, and I am looking at my call sheet getting ready for the next down.”

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Shanahan was then asked whether or not he would have removed Purdy from the game to be evaluated for a concussion had he seen the hit.

“I don’t know,” Shanahan said. “It’s a pretty hypothetical question. If I think any of our players are hurt, I always want to get them out of the game.”

After the 31-17 loss to the Bengals, Purdy said he was feeling fine.

“It was just the typical whiplash of a play like that — you know, head goes back, hits the ground,” Purdy said. “But it’s like any other body part. You get hit and shake it off a little bit. So I’m good from that.”

Purdy completed 71 percent of his passing attempts Sunday for 365 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions.

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