49ers At The Doorstep Of The Super Bowl For The Second Time in a Row

San Francisco 49ers are advancing at a great pace toward their target: the Super Bowl title; they have already made it to the knockout round of the NFC championship successively for two years and are just a step back from the most awaited Super Bowl accolade.

For the NFC championship knockout match, the 49ers will be encountering the Philadelphia Eagles, the team which has been known as one of the biggest threats in the tournament.

How did the 49ers make it to the playoffs for two back-to-back years?

The San Francisco 49ers faced a lot of ups and downs in making it to the knockouts, from the departure of players to losing matches. The team’s seven-time American football center, Alex Mack, went for retirement, the running back Raheem Mostert left the 49ers, and joined his new team Miami Dolphins, their wide receiver, Richie James, joined New York Giants, and even their outside linebacker Arden Key joined the rival team Jacksonville Jaguars.

But still, even after facing such an array of exits, the 49ers still managed to dominate the season.

How did the team invest in picking the right players?

While building the perfect squad for the 2022 season, the 49ers have indeed made some crucial additions to the team. The first one is the selection of quarterback Brock Purdy. The team hired him when the quarterback was known as an underdog to all. He not only showed his charismatic skills, but he is one of those leading players who made it possible for the 49ers to reach the knockouts.

Their investment in the running back, McCaffrey, was also a good one, as the elite player has shattered all the glass boundaries with his impressive stats and streaks. He averaged 111.8 yards with 12 touchdowns during the last 12 matches that the 49ers won. He has a streak of eight touchdowns; this unbreakable record is one of the longest since 1998.

Another noteworthy picking of the team was the cornerback Charvarius Ward, who was selected with a bond of $42 million. The 26-year-old ensured he came with uber-cool energy in each match; he had 11 pass breakups in the running season.

What was the crunch time of the 49ers?

There was a time in San Francisco’s journey when fans felt that their team was on life support. During their match against the Miami Dolphins, their popular quarterback Trey Lance faced a traumatic injury, followed by the exit of another quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, who was also a victim of a foot injury. 

That was when the newcomer Brock Purdy took hold of his team, showed his excellency with two touchdowns against the Dolphins, and led his team to a massive victory of 33-17 when almost everyone lost hope and expectations for the 49ers.

Their win against the Las Vegas Raiders, by a margin of 37-34, was also a crucial one during the 17th week of the tournament, which confirmed their place in the round of the NFC championship. 

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